Film Music Production
 Selected Film Music composed by Thierry Malet
Novels with original soundtrack
 A brand new project that brings together writers and composers for futur movies adaptations
French tax rebate
 A selection of extracts of films supported by the French Tax Rebate for International Production

3D immersive Music

In partnership with "The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra", the company ARPEGAM has developed a brand new symphonic recording system, especially dedicated to film music. It allows the audience to be immersed in a 3-dimensional musical space while maintaining a perfect geolocation accuracy of the symphonic instruments. A simulation of several concert halls is associated with this system in order to obtain a perfect adaptation of the immersion process for any concert hall or theater.


Since its creation in 1995, the company ARPEGAM has been able to weave privileged links with several largest French studios.
Its international collaborations thus make it possible to benefit from the last cinematographic technologies while adapting to each filmic project.